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With beautiful plants in your office space or work environment, you enjoy a natural solution to clean indoor air!

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Whether you are decorating a hotel lobby or adding some green to your office space, The Plant People would love to help.

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Give us a call today to discuss our plant services. We are proud to offer a range of flower, plant and holiday options!

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Washington, DC Metro Area Interior Plant Services

30 Years of Quality Plant Care

The Plant People are here to offer you the quality interior plant services you need to truly complete your office or work environment. Whether you own an upscale hotel or a modern day business building, we would love to provide the touch of green your space deserves. If you would like to give your space the perfect touch of green, be sure to give us a call.

At our Washington, DC metro area plant company, we are dedicated to turning simple, plain spaces into beautiful tributes to nature. We add just the perfect amount of foliage to your environment through quality design and natural products. From tropical plants to orchid rotations, we have it all. We also offer plant sales and lease options, short and long term event rentals, flowering rotations and deliveries.

Our services include the following:

We believe that the presence of live plants in any type of office or lobby can create a warm and welcoming environment. As a key factor in design, they add a softness to any commercial building, providing a breath of fresh air.

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Interested in Holiday Plant Decor?

For all your interior services, be sure to call on us. We would love to discuss the right type of plants for your building or space. We even offer green walls that provide a unique vertical touch of foliage to your building. With a commitment to great customer service, we always make sure you are completely satisfied with your plant décor. Whether you order one plant or one hundred, we guarantee the highest level of support.

Want to schedule a walkthrough or request an estimate? Contact us today at (703) 754-4353 to set up a time that works for you!

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