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30 Years of Experience in Interior Plant Services

At The Plant People, we firmly believe in the benefits of incorporating live foliage in your interior design. When furnishing and decorating your commercial space, we understand that you seek to find a balance between comfort and professionalism. By utilizing interior plant installation, plants and greenery can enhance your work environment and can make the space more welcoming to visitors and employees alike.

Office buildings can benefit from plant installations such as pots or desk plants, as well as installations in office lobbies or common areas. Hotels or condo buildings typically utilize interior plantscaping in their entry ways as well as the building’s lobby.

Benefits of having plants in your commercial interior design include:

  • Cleaner air
  • Softening of hard, commercial work spaces
  • Brighter environment

Many office spaces and commercial areas can become cold and lifeless, especially after spending eight or nine hours indoors every day. But, by installing office plants, you can help to liven up the space. As you’ve probably seen in other buildings, plants play a key role in bringing life back to your office setting or building lobby. Not only will your employees and guests enjoy them, but we are sure you will love the effect they have on your mood as well. Our interior plant services include professional consultation, installation design, and full service delivery and plant installation.

Don’t forget about taking care of those office plants, either! We also provide guaranteed plant maintenance which includes office flower rotations most commonly for orchids and bromeliads. .

We are proud to serve the customers throughout the Washington, DC metro area! For more information about our interior services, contact us today at 703-754-4353.

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